June 2011

Success Story: A Job in Robert Becerril's Field of Finance

After a six-month search, member Robert Becerril landed a premium - if temporary - position as Financial Reporting Analyst with Altair, a division of Vision Service Plan in Rancho Cordova. He began working at Altair on June 1.

Are You Selling Yourself Short? Use Power Words in Your Messaging!

I worked with a really talented guy who I thought would never leave the company we worked for … not because he didn’t want to leave … he did. I thought he would never leave because he sold himself so short in his resume, no one would hire him.

He didn’t want to overstate his qualifications, so instead he painted a picture to prospective employers that he wasn’t as good as he really was.

I encouraged him to use power words in his resume and to take ownership of his many successes.