Success Story:Focused Searching Leads to a New Job in Three Months

Another SacProNet member found work through his high level of focused searching, networking (both on-line and in person), flexibility and commitment. In just a few months, Robert J. not only found a job but actually achieved a promotion with his new position, as Technical Trainer for Bosch Security Systems. He shared this regarding his SacProNet participation: “The most helpful activity I did at SacProNet was the mock panel interview, because that was my biggest fear, facing a panel. And when I did the mock interview, it didn't feel so bad.

Success Story:A high tech match for Catherine B & HP

After eight months, Catherine B. found employment with Hewlett-Packard.  This August she starts her new role as a business analyst. Catherine confirmed the weekly SacProNet meetings were her motivation, but participating on the Interview Committee was her most valuable SacProNet experience. She benefited from participating in mock interviews.  While she never had the opportunity to participate as the interviewee, she interacted as part of the interviewing panel on numerous occasions.

Success Story: A Job in Robert Becerril's Field of Finance

After a six-month search, member Robert Becerril landed a premium - if temporary - position as Financial Reporting Analyst with Altair, a division of Vision Service Plan in Rancho Cordova. He began working at Altair on June 1.

Are You Selling Yourself Short? Use Power Words in Your Messaging!

I worked with a really talented guy who I thought would never leave the company we worked for … not because he didn’t want to leave … he did. I thought he would never leave because he sold himself so short in his resume, no one would hire him.

He didn’t want to overstate his qualifications, so instead he painted a picture to prospective employers that he wasn’t as good as he really was.

I encouraged him to use power words in his resume and to take ownership of his many successes.

SPN Web Developers Lead Popular Drupal Camp Session

Sacramento Professional Network (SPN) Web developers Charles Russell and Ron McClure presented a popular session at Drupal Camp Sacramento on Saturday, featuring the SPN Web site. In the session, called "Drupal Sites without Custom Code," Charles and Ron used different features of the SPN Web site to explain how - and why - they built it without custom code.

Success Story: Chris Levis Lands in Biotech

We are pleased to announce that on May 5, 2011, Sacramento Professional Network (SPN) member Chris Levis began a new job as Western Regional Sales Manager with Bar Harbor Biotechnology. Bar Harbor manufactures kits used in the analysis of DNA for research and clinical product development.

For Chris, the bewilderment of losing a long-held job was greatly eased when he joined SPN.

One Tip Paves Way to New Job, Then New Venture

SacProNet alum Chris Jackson recently shared an inspiring career experience that took him from working for a Fortune 500 company and then venturing out to launch a business.

It was 1996 when Chris moved from the Bay Area to Sacramento and didn’t know anyone in the capital city. Working off a tip from fellow SacProNet member, Chris landed a temporary position at Intel Corp., which eventually grew into a full-time job at the large computer chipmaker.

Success Story: Marc' Freeman's New Job Is Green

Sacramento Professional Network (SPN) member Marc' Freeman has reinvented himself, going from a mortgage-loan executive before the housing meltdown to a green-industry sales career today. Marc' was recently hired by Proinso, a subsidiary of Spain's OPDE, a major distributor of solar technology supplies around the world.

Success Story: A Surprise Job Offer for Jose Marquez

At the May 10 Sacramento Professional Network (SPN) general meeting, Resume Committee member Jose Marquez announced this would be his last SPN meeting: he has a job! As of Monday, May 16, Jose will be a Mechanical Manufacturing Engineer at AASC (Applied Aerospace Structures Corporation) in Stockton.

How to Interview with a Small Company vs. a Large One

There are some differences in the interviewing process of small companies vs. large companies. Here are a few things to be prepared for.

Though “selling yourself” is still the goal whether you’re applying at a small company or a large company, sometimes what you need to emphasize about yourself is different.
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