How Phil Bristol's Success Insight Relates to Your Career

Many of us are not aware of how important knowledge of one’s own behavioral insights, personal interests, attitudes, and values are in preparing a resume, writing a cover letter, completing a LinkedIn profile, networking, and interviewing.
Phil Bristol, a frequent SacProNet presenter, is helping us in this regard. As an executive and leader for over 25 years, Phil Bristol has helped hundreds of people to pursue their workplace dreams, talents, ideas, challenges, and opportunities.

Dawdling and Depression: A Sad Cycle

Do you ever feel, after trying so hard to get a job only to be unsuccessful, a lack of enthusiasm? A sort of ennui that leaves you sitting on the couch moping, distracting yourself from the job hunt? The answer, among many job seekers, is often yes, to some degree. And those feelings often set into motion a vicious cycle that can hurt you and your chances at getting a job.

Finding Jobs Out of State Is Tough

Here is a front-page story from the Sacramento Bee, Thursday, December 22, entitled Finding Jobs Out of State Is Tough."

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 Joining Sacramento Professional Network (SPN) has given me tools, support and tasks to aid in my employment search. Prior to joining, my days were spent in front of my computer hunting for job matches to my skills, completing applications, re-crafted resumes and none of my lone attempts resulted in employment.
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