Success Story: Kristine M found that a step back was what she needed.

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Finally, I started work last week after almost a year of searching. Even with twenty plus years in the Managed Care industry, between the unemployment environment and my lack of a under graduate degree I found it impossible to land a job. Even my many industry contacts throughout Northern California could not help me find work. It was extremely frustrating and my confidence withered away. The transition was ACTION. Personally when I'm not in a place of confidence I'm paralyzed to the point of unwillingness to try anything. But after tiny steps like joining SacProNet, hiring a life coach, and cultivating a new friendship at SacProNet with someone who could relate to my situation like no one else in my life, I ventured into getting certified to sell Life Insurance. This was a new industry for me but I felt confident that I would pick it up and should nothing come available that I would make my own “opportunity.” So I focused on getting certified via an online course and within a month and a half I was certified with the state and I was signed on with an agency to sell insurance. Well that agency and I didn't see eye to eye and I didn't last two weeks. This failure/setback was my turning point. It gave me new insight into my abilities, skills, business acumen and expectations for a working arrangement.

I am now working for VibrantCare Rehab, a multi-state outpatient rehabilitation network negotiating provider, payor and real estate contracts. This position will give me an opportunity to add to my industry tool kit and should I be unemployed again, I will have more to offer future employers.

SacProNet was integral to my survival as each weekly meeting was another reminder that I wasn't the only one in this situation. Key players in the group made my life better by providing assistance, feedback and at times an opportunity to rage at my situation. I am thankful to them and to others at SacProNet who I didn't get to know-I wish you all success! Life doesn't always deal you the easy hand but instead the hand that you can learn from.

Kristine Marck is a member of SacProNet's Computer Committee. Kris has 20 plus years in the Managed Care industry, with a focus on negotiations, project and contract management.