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"I truly want to thank you guys for all your support and insight. I strongly feel that I would not have gotten this job without your help. So, once again thanks for all your help and support."

- Lawrence Vidaurry

"Hi all,
Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you all for your tremendous support during the months of November to February. With very little going in the way of application call backs, the group kept me motivated with improving my resume and cover letters, practicing my 30/60s, a mock interview critique (thanks Kier, Bill and Gary!) and general networking and good humor. I enjoyed the Monday meetings for getting me out of the house, and doing Marketing/Networking at the job fairs. I also learned so much from the Admin and State Jobs meetup groups. My participation at SacProNet was invaluable to me during those months when my job search appeared to be going nowhere, and I can say truthfully that the members definitely assisted me in landing my new position at Blue Diamond. So I give my best heartfelt thanks to all of you and wish you the best of luck in your next opportunities, which will be right around the corner. Please keep in touch on LinkedIn."

- With my best regards, Celeste Licata

"As of June 1st I will be employed as a Project Manager.
I want to say thank you for the time I spent with SPN and the information you provide. One of the things that was very helpful to me was the resume reviews. Also, since the job search today can be a very lonely process, it is helpful to come to a meeting and see that I was not alone. I also appreciate the networking/friendships that I made.
Anytime I meet someone looking for work, I refer them to this organization. Oh yes, I want to add, I got my job through volunteering with the organization. This may be a new up and coming job locator process!! <smile>"

Much thanks! Valerie J

By this time I assume you’ve all heard from Bill Rohlfing that I got a job. Starting this week I am the new Research Program Specialist II at the California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission. I can’t say much about the job yet as I am still filling out HR paperwork, but I think this will be a good gig for me.

I want to thank all of you for your support and encouragement over these past 10 months that I have been a member of SacProNet, but especially I want to thank the Committee Chairs and Executive Officers (Robert, Pat, Bill, Tim, et al.) for the outstanding leadership, advice and experience they’ve provided. (If you haven’t already done so, I highly recommend you take advantage of the opportunity to have your resume reviewed and to attend at least one mock interview!).

If there is one piece of parting advice I could offer from my own experience, it would be that you really need to tailor your resume to each specific job you apply for. Employers are looking for the best “fit,”
and you need to present yourself as that best fit by tailoring you resume to the specific job announcement as much as possible. You need to do this during the interview as well.

I wish you all the best of luck in your own job searches, and a happy and prosperous new year!

Thanks all very much,
Brian C
"Thanks for the continued words of encouragement. During the down moments of the last 6 months, it was people like you of the SPN group that made it easier to continue with the job search with a positive attitude.. I look at how many good, well trained people we have in our group..."

- Dennis Joiner

"I am pleased to announce that as of April 26, 2010 I will be gainfully employed after months of diligently searching. I am very appreciative of SacProNet for their support in my endeavor in searching for work and I attribute at least 50% of my success in securing employment as a result of the workshops and information provided to me by SacProNet. I strongly urge anyone searching for work to get acquainted with the SacProNet members and staff. The time you spend with them will be invaluable. Everything from preparation of a great resume to successful interviewing. My gracious thanks to all the members and my friends at SacProNet and I wish all of you the best of success in your search for gainful employment."

- Michael H